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Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Are nursing and foot care covered by the RAMQ?

Fees can sometimes be reimbursed in whole or in part by your private health insurance. Please contact your insurance company for further information of your health coverage.

Is it legal for a nurse clinician to work in private practice?

Any health professional wishing to provide private care can do so while remaining governed by its professional corporation.

Are the same foot care instruments used for each client?

Every client can be assured of having sterilized instruments at each time. The Autoclave Sterilization system pressurizes and heats up to 512 degrees Celsius, thereby killing bacteria, viruses, fungus and parasites.

Does a foot care causes pain?

Never the client should be feeling pain while having a foot care. However, if the pain is already present, everything will be done with delicacy to reduce and even get rid of it.

Is a foot care training required for a nurse to provide foot care?

Unfortunately, according to the no.90 act of the Professional Code, any nurse can practice foot care without a basic training, which can cause significant harm to customers.Fortunately, ThomasSanté’s owner has had a 140h foot care training.

Is it necessary for a foot care nurse to be a member of the Quebec Foot Care Nurse Association (AIISPQ)?

Any nurse can legally practice foot care without being a member of the Quebec Foot Care Nurse Association (AIISPQ) but must absolutely be a member of her Professional Corporation (OIIQ).

Do I have to be previously referred by another professional to get a foot care or nursing care?

The patient can be referred but is within his rights to ask for a home foot care or nursing homecare without reference.

Does my doctor need to be aware that I’m being treated by a nurse?

However, all anomalies, spontaneous changes, infections or any situation beyond the nurse's knowledge will be automatically referred to a doctor, specialist or medical clinic.

* At the customer's request, a copy of is file can be provided for a subsequent medical appointments. *